Viewmont Choir Performance

December 12, 2017 @ 7:00 pm

Tuesday, December 12th- The big day! We will still practice after school that day until 3:45 pm and then our performance will be that night at 7:00 pm for family and friends. Please have Choir kids be here at 6:40 pm to warm up. Remember to wear your Jammies!!!

Wednesday, December 13th- We will be performing two of our songs at the Eagle Rally (8:30-9:00 am) for the school. Parents are always welcome to come of course. You can also wear your Pajamas for this performance as well. It is Yes day, but if you are in the Choir you don’t have to pay any Eagle tickets for wearing your jammies that day, Choir kids get to wear them all day for free!

Kristine Roller, choir director