“Is your Child too Sick for School?” Helpful information from the Health Department

Is your Child too Sick for School?
BettySue Hickson, School Nurse Consultant

With the start of a new school year, this guideline may help parents determine whether to send their sick child to school or not. With minor symptoms, it can be difficult to tell whether the child is going to get better or worse during the course of the day. The main reasons for keeping children home are:
•If he or she is too sick to be comfortable at school.
•If he or she might spread a contagious disease to other children.

Children, staff, parents and/or volunteers should be excluded from the classroom if any of the following are noted:
•A fever over 100.4 degrees F
•Nausea, vomiting or abdominal pain
•Diarrhea-frequent, loose, watery stools
•Unusual drowsiness or tiredness
•Sore throat, acute cold or persistent cough
•Runny nose (thick green/yellow discharge) (non-allergenic)
•Red, inflamed or discharging eyes (pink eye) (non-allergenic) must be treated with antibiotic drop/ointment for at least 24 hours before returning to school
•Swollen glands around jaws, ears or neck
•Any skin sore oozing of fluid, suspected impetigo (may have a yellow crusty discharge from sore)
•Suspected head or body lice (untreated)
•An unexplained rash
•Symptoms which may suggest an acute illness

Conditions needing treatment with an antibiotic may return to the classroom after at least 24 hours of treatment and a decrease in symptoms.
All of these illnesses can spread easily, both in school and in the family. Keep in mind that hand washing is the single most important thing you can do (and teach children to do) to help prevent the spread of infections.
Whenever there is doubt about sending children to school, parents should consult their child’s doctor before doing so. A phone consultation may be all that is necessary, the child’s doctor may need to see the child in the office, or maybe able to consult with the provider via telemedicine.
It is always important that schools know how to reach a parent during the day, and that there is a back-up plan and phone number on file if they cannot be reached.

PeachJar – Electronic Flyer Distribution System *NEW*



Murray City School District is launching a new electronic flyer communication tool called “Peachjar.” To view school-approved Digital flyers, simply click the Peachjar button on your school’s website homepage. If this button is not posted today, please check back because it will be added by the end of the week!


This “green” initiative will save our schools tons of paper and reduce copy costs by thousands of dollars. On top of that, posting school flyers in this electronic backpack removes a significant administrative burden from teachers, office staff, and volunteers. 


No action is required on your part. You will receive a welcome email from our service provider (Peachjar) that includes a username and password. This is provided to give you the opportunity to manage your account and flyer delivery preferences. You do not need to login to receive or view school digital flyers.


To ensure smooth delivery of this communication, we suggest you add school@peachjar.com (or your district’s selected “from email address”) to your email contacts. When you receive your first eflyer, be sure to click “always display images.”


This system is used exclusively for distribution of school-approved flyers. Your email address will not be shared or used for any other purpose. Thank you for supporting our efforts to ensure parents are well informed about school programs, activities, and events.


Air Quality and Winter Temperatures

Link to website to check Air Quality: http://air.utah.gov/
Link to website to check temperature: https://weather.com/weather/today/l/84123:4:US

Viewmont Choir Performance

Tuesday, December 12th- The big day! We will still practice after school that day until 3:45 pm and then our performance will be that night at 7:00 pm for family and friends. Please have Choir kids be here at 6:40 pm to warm up. Remember to wear your Jammies!!!

Wednesday, December 13th- We will be performing two of our songs at the Eagle Rally (8:30-9:00 am) for the school. Parents are always welcome to come of course. You can also wear your Pajamas for this performance as well. It is Yes day, but if you are in the Choir you don’t have to pay any Eagle tickets for wearing your jammies that day, Choir kids get to wear them all day for free!

Kristine Roller, choir director

‘Girls on the Run” program

Girls on the Run is coming back to Viewmont this Spring. Girls on the Run is an afterschool program where girls will have fun, make friends, increase their physical activity levels, and learn important life skills. The program is open to girls in grades 3rd-6th. Trained and caring coaches will lead interactive lessons and running activities. The season ends with a noncompetitive 5k celebration event at Sugar House Park on June 2nd.

Girls on the Run registration begins Friday, December 1st, 2017
We will meet every Tuesday and Thursday from 3:15- 4:15 p.m.in the Multipurpose Room.
Begins: Tuesday, March 13th
Ends: Thursday, May 31st
5k Celebration: Saturday, June 2nd

Registration link: https://www.raceplanner.com/register/index/TLR7WYX2TXNPME3
*Scholarship funding is available to those in need of financial assistance. Girls on the Run will allow girls to participate regardless of families ability to pay for the program*

If you have any questions please contact Ms. Johnson (aljohnson@murrayschools.org) , Mrs. Felt (jfelt@murrayschools.org), or Coach Sunshine (sszedeli@murrayschools.org)

Permit applications for 2018-2019 (for non-resident students)

Non-resident Elementary School students, already attending on permit at Viewmont Elementary, DO NOT have to apply for a new permit to attend Viewmont next school year. Their permit will be valid until 6th grade.
Only 6th grade non-resident students who will be transitioning to the Junior High School next year need to apply for a permit if he/she does not live within the boundaries of that Junior High School.

– A non-resident student is a student who is not living within the boundaries of the school he/she is planning on attending. He/she must apply for a permit first.
Students living within the school boundaries do not need a permit to attend that school.

Permit applications for the 2018-2019 MCSD school year for non-resident students will be accepted at the Murray City School District offices (5102 S. Commerce Drive, Bldg. 1) starting on Friday, December 1, 2017 until February 16, 2018.


Job Openings at Viewmont Elementary


2017-2018 School Calendar

The dates for the Winter Break were changed on the 2017-2018 School Calendar. It now starts on Friday December 22, 2017 (last day of school Thursday, December 21, 2017) and will end on Monday, January 1, 2018 (school begins again on Tuesday January 2, 2018.)

Click here for the updated version.


Safety Rules and Map

Due to incidents of jaywalking and other safety violations in the past, we wanted to take time to review with you our safety procedures.  Please assist us in teaching good safety habits to our students by obeying proper traffic flows at drop off and pick up. 

  • Parents needing to drop off or pick up their child should use the drop zone lane closest to the school following the one-way only direction.  Students may not be dropped off or picked up in the pull through only lane closest to the street.  Do not allow students to cross the drop zone to meet vehicles in the pull through lane.

  • Students are able to walk along the sidewalk to be picked up on Anderson Lane but should only cross at crosswalks while on campus.

  • Urge children to refrain from running or pushing other children into streets and in front of cars.  Drive slowly and watch for children who might run in front of your car.

  • Please be considerate of other drivers and park only in the parking stalls provided, regardless of how long you plan to be in the building.

  • Roller blades, roller shoes, scooters, skateboards, and bikes are not to be used on school property.

For our safety map, please click here.